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We visit and experience all of our travel suggestions to guarantee you are visiting the best Ontario has to offer. Whether you are interested in adventures, culture, events, shopping, food or all of the above, Local Loonies has something for you!

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 Local Loonies receive a spontaneous destination package every month. The package includes a detailed outline of our experiences and describes the regions accommodations, restaurants, stores, free adventures and local events!

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Local Loonies can receive discounts, giveaways, free items, and always get first-class service. Also connect with other Local Loonies by joining us on social media and sharing your favourite places to travel to in Ontario! There are many more exclusives in the works, only for Local Loonies. 

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How to become a Local Loonie?

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Destination Packages range from 1 to 2 hour drive from Toronto and the monthly cost to be a Local Loonie is $10. Give us a try and join Ontario’s first travel membership.